In 2018, Humanities Commons honored one of the most time-honored traditions of the season: summer camp. We hosted a virtual summer camp for users old and new. It helped participants to update, build, and achieve an outstanding digital presence through HC. Please check out the discussions from Summer 2018 to see the fantastic work and thought-provoking conversations that our participants took part in last year.

In 2019, we hosted two Humanities Commons Summer Refresh Workshops. These events encouraged you to set aside time to update your digital presence on HC. The group is a space to ask questions, connect with other users, and see the various exciting ways that other scholars use HC to build their presence online.

You can use these materials as you update your presence on the Commons.

Please visit our site for more information and updates:

#HCSummerRefresh 2: Profiles

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      Caitlin Duffy

      Welcome to the second round of the Humanities Commons Summer Refresh Workshop, which will run from today, August 5th to Friday, August 9th. Each day, we will focus on a different component of your online professional presence and encourage each other to make any necessary updates. By participating in this workshop, you will give yourself a week set aside to completely refresh your HC account and digital presence. You will also be able to add this workshop to your CV once you’ve completed each of the daily tasks.  If you’re unable to participate this time around, or if you’d like to do it all over again, you can always revisit these posts at your own convenience. If you’re completely new to Humanities Commons, have no fear! I will also link out to the relevant challenges from last year’s summer camp, which was geared more towards new-comers. Today we will focus on the Humanities Commons profile page. Take a moment today to make any necessary updates to your page.


      • Do you have any upcoming conferences?
      • Did you recently publish an article?
      • Are you working on a project that you’re ready to share?
      • Do you have a more recent photograph of yourself?
      • Is now a good time to update and refine your short biography?


      You might also want to consider finding more HC accounts to follow. We have new users daily, so it’s likely that someone you would want to follow has recently joined. Following other HC users is incredibly helpful to increasing your network and presence. Unlike conferences which typically only happen once a year, HC provides you with the possibility to connect with like-minded academics from around the world any day of the year. By following other users and joining (and actively participating in) Commons groups, you can create a much larger network for yourself. This can be especially handy when you’re putting together an edited volume or panel, or if you’re looking for research guidance or feedback. Networking through the Commons can also be a great way to create more awareness of your own work within your field.

      I recently started a new podcast, so I personally plan to update the “Projects” section on my profile page to account for this exciting new venture. I also plan to find more accounts to follow. If you’re curious, you can check out my profile here.

      New to HC? Need more help?

      If you’d like more help, tricks, and tips for updating your profile, check out the following links from last year’s HC Summer Camp:


      DISCUSSION During this workshop, we will also hold a discussion on this group page. Please respond to this post to discuss the questions below. Feel free to also ask questions of your own!

      • What did you update today? If you’d like, please show off your work by including a link in your response!
      • What do you plan to do in the future to make sure you update your profile? How often should we all commit to updating?
      • What can HC do to improve our profiles? How can we help you update your profile regularly?


      Feel free to check out the discussion on HC profiles from the first round of the #HCSummerRefresh.

      I look forward to seeing all of your updated profile pages and engaging in an exciting conversation with you all today!

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      Anne Donlon

      Hi all! I’m looking forward to refreshing my Commons presence this week. Despite working on some aspect of Humanities Commons almost every weekday, my own profile had gotten somewhat outdated. I’ve added some recent publications and reworked my “about” statement slightly.

      I’ve followed a few new people as well. I want to highlight one of the tips included on the Networking & Following Other Accounts post: homepage recommendations. If you’re logged in and you’ve filled in the academic interests section of your profile, you’ll see members in the “Recommended for You” section of the homepage who share your interests. (Also on profiles, academic interests are links. Clicking on them is another way to see members who share that interest.)

      I’d be interested to hear who else might be out there playing along this week, and how you’re finding it! I’m glad to have a nudge to update my profile and (later on) deposit some things I’ve been meaning to upload to CORE.

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