Ph.D., Ohio State University (2005), English

M.A., Florida State University (2001), English

B.A., Florida Atlantic University (1998), English

B.A., George Washington University (1992), International Relations

Other Publications

“‘A Bookkeeper! Not an Accountant!’: Representing the Lower Middle Class from Victorian Novels and Music Hall Songs to Television Sitcoms.” Journal of Popular Culture. 44.1 (Feb 2011): 16-36. Print.

“‘The Daily Male’: Vesta Tilley and the Performance of Masculinity on the Victorian Music-Hall Stage.”Hunks, Hotties and Pretty Boys: 20th Century Representations of Male Beauty. Eds. Steven Davis and Maglina Lubovich. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008. 112-142. Print.

Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday: The Geography of Class in Late-Victorian Britain.” Victorian Periodicals Review 41.2 (Summer 2008): 150-173. Print.

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    Tony Pastor’s Traveling Vaudeville Company and the Making of American (Popular) Culture.

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    “Tony Pastor’s Traveling Company: Making American Popular Culture one Performance at a Time.” VISAWUS 2018, Palm Springs, CA., Nov. 8-10.

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